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The Scavenger Door
Finder Chronicles 3

August 17th, 2021

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Miss the First Two? Available All The Usual Places!

Finder Driving the Deep
2019 2020

Want a custom signed bookplate? Here's how!

  1. Pre-order your copy of The Scavenger Door from the bookseller establishment of your choice prior to August 17th, 2021.
  2. Scan, screenshot, or otherwise make a copy of your receipt/email showing your pre-order, minus any credit card details (I don't want your credit card number!)
  3. Send that receipt along with an email with your complete and accurate mailing address and what, if any, personalization you want on the bookplate (ie, TO DAVE, etc.) with the understanding that writing room is limited, to:
  4. I will begin to mail out bookplates in August, unless I get bored or really need to procrastinate from something else, then I might start sooner. I will do my best to get these out to everyone who asks, but please keep in mind this is a personal offer, not an official one, so it's all best-effort.
  5. One bookplate per copy, please. :) When they're gone they're gone..
If you stick the bookplate to the screen of your e-reader I cannot be held responsible for your inability to read books on it afterward, but it's still a super cool look, honest.

If you missed getting a bookplate for the first two books in the series, find me at a convention and I will sign one for you (at least until I run out.)

Bookplate original art by my fantastically talented eldest kid, Tarian Palmer

(warning: official blurb has SPOILERS for first two books)

From a Hugo Award-winning author comes the third book in this action-packed sci-fi caper, starring Fergus Ferguson, interstellar repo man and professional finder.

Fergus is back on Earth at last, trying to figure out how to live a normal life. However, it seems the universe has other plans for him. When his cousin sends him off to help out a friend, Fergus accidently stumbles across a piece of an ancient alien artifact that some very powerful people seem to think means the entire solar system is in danger. And since he's the one who found it, they're certain it's also his problem to deal with.

With the help of his newfound sister, friends both old and new, and some enemies, too, Fergus needs to find the rest of the artifact and destroy the pieces before anyone can reassemble the original and open a multidimensional door between Earth and a vast, implacable, alien swarm. Problem is, the pieces could be anywhere on Earth, and he's not the only one out searching.

Thanks for visting my page and I hope you like my book (-:


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