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A twitter friend (who is a real poet with actual talent, unlike goofy moi) got a spam email with the subject "Poetry, rent a hotel room and call Honey!" Being foolish, I immediately piped up with "I could write a poem to that!" So then I had to. Here it is. --S.

Unsolicited Email To Poetry

by Suzanne Palmer

Rent a hotel room and then call Honey,
she got no rhythm but she rhyme all night
she bring the wild bonfire and the backbrain swing
she won't make it good but she make it right

      --leave you sweating in your stanzas
      no slick metaphors for cover
      make you spell out all your secrets
      and deny your dearest lovers--

Honey own your drumbeat and the distant stars
she grab hold the center and she pull it tight
she twist it past the breaking and she put it back together
she dance upon your words 'til the dawning light.

[For Rose]