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An editor friend was complaining about the quantity of bad poetry about dragons she'd been receiving, and in response, many of us cobbled up some bad dragon poetry of our own to add to her growing stack of delight. This was written in about 10 minutes, and was honestly meant to be both crappy poetry and hopefully also vaguely entertaining.

The Bad Dragon Poem

by Suzanne Palmer
(all rights reserved)

Throngo was a mighty-hewed warrior
His breastplate as big as kettle drums
And he rode upon his mighty Dragon
In a saddle unfit for lesser bums.

He swung his sword, he chopped his axe
And serfs fell dead at his steely gaze
And his Dragon made of them taste snacks.
Their peasant blood a demi-glace

Everyone screamed and tried to hide
When those wings crossed against the sun
The Dragon burned them with his breath
And they'd run and run and run and run!

Throngo pointed at the carnage below
"I am the best! No doubt about that!"
And the Dragon pitched him off three miles up
Just to see his mightly splat.