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acrylic painting of a yellow bird

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  • not much art going on at the moment, I'm sad to say. Work, kids, and writing takes up most of my time these days.

    painting headline
    The neon is part of a fish series, of which I have another one and a half painted (out of a planned eleven.) A lot of my paintings use solid, hard-edged color fields with very little blending, which is a technique I've been playing with for a while now. My drawings, by contrast, are typically black & white pen drawings w/ lots of fiddly detail stuff, though I do do the occasional colored pencil sketch of some of my aliens, like the Yuaknari on the right below.

    Some of my stuff:
    acrylic painting of a bear at sunset acrylic painting of a neon tetra colored pencil sketch of an alien from my fiction

    sculpture headline
    My sculptures tend to be Stupidly Big, which means they take me a long, long time. This also means there aren't so many of them. The last big thing I did was a griffin which was on display (poorly) at Noreascon IV and (much more nicely) at Arisia in 2006.
    photograph of griffin sculpture photograph of griffin sculpture photograph of me standing next to griffin sculpture

    other stuff headline
    I get out a lot of creative energies in my home and garden. For some examples, not long ago I finished painting the Bayeux tapestry as a border in my bathroom, and I'm building a stone wall at the edge of my yard.
    painting of guys in armor hitting each other with axes painting of a lot of guys in boats, heading out to die in battle photograph of the stone wall I built

    mutterings headline
    As I said above, art isn't finding much time in my life right now, which is sort of depressing. It's my hope that once the insanity of having two two-year-old kids underfoot has passed, I'll be able to establish much more of a routine with my creative efforts, perhaps dedicating several months a year to non-writing projects. There's still probably many years to go before I reach that point, though.

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